Popcorn Ceiling Patch Pack Item: 3059

Self-Adhesive Goof Patch is designed to repair drywall damage around light switches, outlets and all other wall elements.

Has a self-Adhesive lower surface, and a paint ready upper surface. Uneven feathered edges help the Goof Patch blend into the repaired wall.

Goof Patch Textured Item: 9012

Goof Patch smooth Item: 9011

Patented, Made in USA

Mini Patch Pre-Textured Item: 2012

Self-Adhesive Fast Patch

Self-Adhesive Mini Patch is designed to repair nail holes as well as wall anchor holes. Has a self-adhesive lower surface and a paint ready upper surface.

Uneven feathered edges help to blend the Mini Patch to the repaired wall surface.

Mini Patch Smooth Item: 2011

Mini Patch Pre-Textured Item: 2012

Patented, Made in USA!

Apply Fast Patch:

Steel Fast Patch Smooth Item: 2017

Single switch damaged  ------------  Single switch repaired


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Self-Adhesive 24 Gauge Steel Fast Patch

Goof-Light Patch (Pre-Textured) Item: 8122

Mini Patch Smooth wall Item: 2011


Self-Supporting BRADZ Knee Pads

Paint Ready:

(Flush Fit)

Apply Fast Patch:

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50' x 2'' Roll (smooth)

          Item: 7050

Self-Adhesive Goof Patch

Steel Fast Patch Pre-Textured Item: 2018

Goof-Light Patch (smooth) Item: 8121


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Popcorn Ceiling Patch Roll Item: 30612

Self-Adhesive Popcorn Ceiling Patch

Self-Adhesive Goof-Light Patch

12' x 3/4' Roll (Pre-Textured)

           Item: 7012

75' x 2'' Roll (smooth)

      Item: 7075

Self-Adhesive Mini Patch

Self-Adhesive Steel Fast Patch is designed to repair large door knob sized holes. The repair is repaired by installing a heavy duty 24 gauge steel center reinforcement patch that is tapped into the wall, then the edges of the steel is cut around through the drywall paper only.  You then remove the steel patch from the wall, and peel off the just cut through drywall paper. Then you replace the steel patch which is now flush with the wall. at this point you simply cover with either the self-adhesive pre-textured Fast Patch, or the self-adhesive smooth Fast Patch.

Self-Adhesive Steel Fast Patch smooth Item: 2017

Self-Adhesive Steel Fast Patch Textured Item: 2018

Patented, Made in USA!

Double switch damaged  --------------  Double switch repaired

Fast Patch Pre-Textured Item: 2016

Goof Patch smooth Item: 9011

Fast Patch (smooth)  Item: 2015


Bradz knee pads are the best for work. They are the most comfortable knee pads as they sit on top of your foot and leave the entire back of your knee wide open. These are excellent professional grade knee pads. Bradz offer multi-layer padding with a dense foam topped with a layer of neoprene. They are leg specific with tool pouches on the outside of both legs. Once you put the Bradz self-supporting knee pads on, you will not need to take them off until the end of your day or work shift. Bradz offer protection to the lower leg from the elements. They are made from a ballistic material that is very durable and if cut will not continue to tear. Bradz are a deluxe ultra-comfort professional grade work related knee pads. You will be hard pressed to locate a better pair of knee pads. Bradz is a registered trade mark and they are Patent Pending as well.  

Self-Adhesive Fast Patch is designed to repair large holes such as door knob holes. Fast Patch will also repair nail holes, wall anchor holes and one small stress crack too.

Has a self-Adhesive lower surface and a paint ready upper surface. Uneven feathered edges help the Fast Patch blend into the surrounding surface too.

Fast Patch smooth/flat wall Item: 2015

Fast Patch textured wall Item: 2016

Patented, Made in USA!

Popcorn Patch is a Self-Adhesive, Pre-Textured, paint ready Popcorn ceiling repair patch kit. It is designed to repair stained and damaged popcorn ceilings. Each pack comes with four 5''x 7'' medium to heavy popcorn ceiling repair patches. The patches can be placed end to end, or side by side in order to repair extensive damage. Popcorn Ceiling patch is simple to use. Simply Prep, Press, and Paint. No more need to mask and cover everything in the room in order to avoid the mess of spray texture. Patented, USA Made.

Install Center Reinforcement:

USA Made Wall Repair Products

Line up Steel Reinforcement Patch:

Self-Adhesive Goof-Light Patch is designed to repair the damage created when recessed can lights are installed incorrectly. These patches will easily repair the over-sized hole damage around the can lights.

Has a self-adhesive lower surface and a paint ready upper surface. Comes with uneven feathered edges that help it blend into the surrounding surface.

Smooth flat surfaces use Item 8121.

Pre-textured surfaces use item 8122.

Patented, USA Made! 

Stress Crack Tape is designed to repair

cracks, small holes, as well as both inside and outside corner damage. It is simple to use and requires no carpentry experience. Simply Peel, Stick, and Paint. Will work on drywall or plaster. Comes in either a smooth (flat) wall finish, or a pre-textured orange peel


Has a Self-adhesive lower surface with a paint ready upper surface. Comes with uneven feathered edges that help it blend into the surrounding surface.

Patented, Made in the USA!!     

Bradz Self-Supporting Knee pads Item: 5012

Bradz Self-Supporting Knee Pads Item: 5014 (Long)

Goof Patch Textured Item: 9012